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Detailed Gram Ujala Scheme [2022]

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Gram Ujala Scheme

Under Gram Ujala scheme, LEDs will be made available at Rs 10 each for every Rural Household in exchange of old working condition Incandescent lamps.

Implementing Agency

CESL Convergence Energy Services Limited, which is a subsidiary of EESL Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a PSU under ministry of Power.

What is Gram Ujala Scheme

  • The price of LEDs is the chief barrier for switching to LEDs, the Gram Ujala programme is designed to support widespread distribution by removing this price barrier.
  • Under the programme 7 Watt and 12 Watt LED bulbs with 3 years warranty will be provided to Rural households at the rate of Rs 10 each in exchange of an old Incandescent lamp.
  • Each household can exchange a maximum of 5 LED bulbs.
  • In the first phase the Gram Ujala programme will be implemented in villages of 5 selected Districts.
Gram ujala scheme
gram ujala scheme
  • In the first phase of this programme, 15 million (1.5 crore) LED bulbs will be distributed across villages of Aarah (Bihar), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Nagpur (Maharashtra), and villages in western Gujarat.
  • These Rural households will also have electric meters installed in their house to account for usages.

Where will the Money come from for implementing the Scheme.

It is an innovative model which will utilise the Carbon credits. The government of India will earn Carbon Credits on implementing the Scheme, these Carbon Credits will be sold to buyers. In this way the LEDs cost will be recouped.

Advantages of Gram Ujala Scheme.

  • Gram Ujala programme will provide Clean Energy access and will make a significant contribution towards mitigating climate change.
  • The energy savings on switching to LEDs will reduce household’s energy outlay, and thus enabling higher disposable income and savings.
  • Financial savings will encourage more economical activities and better standard of living for rural citizens.
  • Better safety of rural citizens and will also help in achieving a sustainable future.
  • According to government of India estimates if all 300 million lights in India are replaced, the total energy savings will be 40,743 KWh/year and CO2 reductions will be 37 millions tons per year.

Source: PIB

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