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Brahmani river

Comprehensive detailed Brahmani river | Baitarani River MAP [2022]

This article will discuss the Brahmani river and Baitarani river in detail, the two most important rivers of Odhisa. A detailed map is also present to help you along to learn quickly! Firstly here is a brief about the Brahmani Baitarani river basin, followed by a detailed analysis of these rivers.

Latest Articles

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India Bangladesh Border rivers & Latest Kushiyara river Agreement in 25 Years

Kushiyara River Agreement India and Bangladesh struck an interim water sharing deal for the Kushiyara river in September 2022, the first such arrangement between them in 25 years. In 1996, the Ganga water treaty was signed. The water dispute between India and Bangladesh is one…

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See the Stars Like Never Before: India’s First Dark Sky Reserve in Ladakh-2022

India’s First Dark Sky Reserve in Ladakh The government of India declared that India’s first-ever “Night Sky Sanctuary” or Dark Sky Reserve would be set up in Ladakh; the proposed Dark Sky Reserve will be established at Hanle in Ladakh by the end…