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Master Complete Godavari River Map | Godavari Tributaries [2022]

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This article is about Godavari river and its tributaries, refer to the Godavari river map to learn easily.

Godavari river

  • River Godavari is the largest of the peninsular rivers of India and the third largest river in India
  • Also known as Dakshin Ganga or Vridha Ganga
  • Holy places are located on the banks of the river at Nasik and Bhadrachalam.
  • Kumbh Mela which attracts millions of devotees is organized at Nasik after every 12 years.
  • Drains about 10% of India’s total geographical area.
  • Source– Godavari rises near to Thriambak Hills in the Nasik district of Maharashtra state, at an elevation of 1,067 m in the Western Ghats
  • Catchment Area : 3,12,812 sq.km.
  • Catchment Area States:
    • Maharashtra (48.6%),
    • Andhra Pradesh + Telangana (23.4%),
    • Madhya Pradesh (10.0%),
    • Chattisgarh (10.9%),
    • Orissa (5.7%) and
    • Karnataka (1.4%).
  • The Godavari river basin is bounded by
    • Ajanta hills range, Satmala hills and the Mahadeo hills range on the north,
    • By Eastern Ghats on the south and the east.
    • By the Western Ghats on the west.
  • Godavari flows for about 1,465 km., in a south-east direction, and merge into the Bay of Bengal.

Godavari river map

Godavari river map upsc
Godavari river map

Godavari river map download

In the Table below are the nine major tributaries of river Godavari along with their length and total catchment area size.

Godavari river tributaries

Name of the RiverLength of Tributary (km)Catchment area (sq.km.)
Godavari river tributaries

Now lets study the tributaries of Godavari river by dividing them into Left bank tributaries and Right bank tributaries.

  • The largest tributary of the Godavari is the Pranhita river with about 34.87% coverage of drainage area.
  • Pravara, Manjira and Maner are right bank tributaries covering about 16.14% of basin.
  • Indravathi, Purna, Pranhita and Sabari are important left bank tributaries, contributing nearly 59.7% of the total catchment area of the basin.
  • The Godavari in the upper, middle, and lower reaches make up for the balance 24.16% of basin.

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Left Bank Tributaries

Purna river

Purna river map
Purna river map

Purna river

  • Length (km): 373
  • Catchment Area (sq km): 15579
  • The river Purna rises in the Saputara hills of the Western Ghats near the village Chinchi in Maharashtra. and flows due west across Akola district into Buldana district of Maharashtra.
  • It passes through the northern part of the Parbhani district and joins Godavari river at Kantheshwar in Purna Taluka.
  • The chief tributaries of the Purna-
    • Pendhi,
    • Uma,
    • Katepurna,
    • Nirguna
    • Man.

Penganga river

penganga river map
penganga river map

Penganga river

  • Length (km): 676
  • Catchment Area (sq km): 23898
  • Originates in the Ajantha ranges in Aurangabad district in in the Buldana Range Maharashtra at an altitude of 686 meters.
  • Penganga river flows along the northern boundary of the district Nanded. 
  • After traversing a distance of 676 km in a generally east­-south-east direction, it joins the Wardha River
  • A large area of fields is irrigated by a project named Upper Penganga Prakalp built on Penganga river.
  • The famous Sahastrakund falls on this river.  
  • Except in its uppermost reaches in which the terrain is barren and hilly, the river passes through dense forests of Yeotmal and Nanded districts.
  • Major tributaries of the Penganga River are-
    • Kayadhu
    • Pus,
    • Arna,
    • Aran
    • Waghari.

Wardha river

wardha river map
wardha river map

Wardha river

  • Length (km): 483
  • Catchment Area (sq km): 24087
  • Wardha is one of the right bank tributaries of Pranhita River.
  • It originates from the Mutai plateau of the Satpuda range at an altitude of 777 m in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh
  • flows along the entire north and west borders of the district Wardha .
  • Enters Maharashtra about 32 km from its source.
  • After traversing a distance of 528 km, it joins the Wainganga.
  • Throughout its course, the river flows through dense forests.
  • Major left bank tributaries of the river Wardha are-
    • Kar
    • Wena
    • Jam
    • Erai
  • The right bank tributaries are-
    • Madu
    • Bembla
    • Penganga.

Wainganga River

Wainganga River map
Wainganga River map

Wainganga river

  • Length (km): 635.40
  • Catchment Area (sq km): 51000
  • Originates in Mundhara village in Dist. Seoni of Madhya Pradesh- in the foothills of Satpuda Mountains.
  • Travels a length of 635.40 km untill merging with Wardha River at Shivni Village in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra to form the River Pranahita- which is one of the biggest tributaries of Godavari.
  • The Wainganga basin spreads over five districts of Maharashtra and three districts of Madhya Pradesh
  • After flowing for a 274 km in Seoni and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, it flows to form the state boundary between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra for a length of about 32 km
  • It then continues to flow in south direction in Maharashtra for a length of 303 km till it is joined by the Wardha.
  • Wainganga River receives various tributaries on either bank and drains the regions of the Chandrapur and Nagpur district. 
  • The chief tributaries of the Wainganga are
  • On the left bank-
    • Garhavi
    • Khobragadi
    • Kathani
    • Potphondi
  • On the Right Bank-
    • Andhari . 

Pranhita river

pranhita river map
pranhita river map

Pranhita river

  • Length(KM): 721
  • Catchment Area(sq km): 61093
  • The largest tributary of the Godavari is the Pranhita river with about 34.87% coverage of drainage area.
  • Pranhita flows through Satpura & Ajantha ranges and through Satpura Plateau & plains of Vidharbha region of Maharashtra before finally merging into Godavari river at Keleshwaram on the Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra border.
  • The Pranhita River System consists of mainly four major tributaries namely
    • a) Wainganga
    • b) Wardha
    • c) Penganga
    • d)Peddavagua

Indravati river

indravati river map
indravati river map

Indravati river

  • Length(KM): 535
  • Catchment Area(sq km): 41655
  • Originates in the Thuamul-Rampur plateau in Kalahandi district of Orissa on the western slopes of the Eastern Ghats at an altitude of 915 m .
  • It flows westward through the Koraput district of Orissa and the Bastar district of Madhya Pradesh
  • Indravati flows through a number of rapids, and emerges into plains near Khatiguda village of Nowrangpur district.
  • Indravati joins the Godavari River at about 531 km from its source.
  • Cheif tributaries of the Indravati River-
    • Podagada
    • Kapur
    • Muran
    • Narangi
    • Baordbig
    • Kotri
    • Bandia
    • Nandira (Berudi).

Sabari river

Sabari river map
Sabari river map

Sabari river

  • Length(KM):418
  • Catchment Area(sq km): 20427
  • originates from the Eastern Ghats in Odisha state from Sinkaram hill ranges
  • Also known as Kolab river in Odisha.
  • It forms some part of boundary between Chhattisgarh and Odisha states.
  • Sabari river merges with the river Godavari in Kunavaram, about 40-km from Bhadrachalam. 
  • Sileru River also known as Machkund is the major tributary of Sabari which joins Sabari river at tri-junction boundary point of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

Right Bank tributaries

Pravara, Manjira and Maner are right bank tributaries of Godavari river covering about 16.14% of its basin.

Pravara river

paravara river map
paravara river map

Pravara river

  • Length(KM):208
  • Catchment Area(sq km): 6537
  • The Pravara rises on the eastern slopes of the Sahayadris(Western Ghats) between Kulang and Ratangad at an altitude of about 1,067 meters.
  • River Pravara water falls from a great height, creating the Randha Falls.
  • After traversing a distance of about 200 km in the east direction it falls into the Godavari River near Newasa.
  • The Mula River is the right bank tributary of Pravara River.
  • The drainage area of the Pravara River lies entirely in Maharashtra, but its principal source of supply is only about 32 km length of the Western Ghats.

Manjira river

manjira river map
manjira river map

Manjira river

  • Length(KM): 724
  • Catchment Area(sq km): 30844
  • Originates in the Balaghat Range -Bhir district of Maharashtra
  • It flows in east and south-easterly direction for about 512 km through the Osmanabad district -Maharashtra, Bidar district of Mysore and Medak district of Andhra Pradesh before changing its direction Northwards near Sanga Reddipet.
  • After flowing for about 75 km further, manjira river enters the Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh and it also forms the boundary between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
  • The major tributaries of the Manjara River are-
    • Tirna,
    • Karanga,
    • Halai,
    • Lendi
    • Maner.

Manair river

Maner river map
Maner river map

Manair river

  • Length(KM): 225
  • Catchment Area(sq km): 13106

This was all about Godavari river and its tributaries along with detailed Godavari river map

Learn more about Godavari.

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  1. Information about Purna River is incorrect….It does not rise in Betul dist of MP…….The correct info is it rises in Aurangabad dist of Maharashtra

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