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Amrabad Tiger Reserve with MAP

Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Amrabad tiger reserve has an area of 2,800 Sq. Km. in the districts of Mahbubnagar and Nalgonda of Telangana, is the second-largest tiger reserve in India in 2021. It was earlier a part of Nagarjunasagar – Srisailam Tiger Reserve but, post-bifurcation of Andhra…

Agni-V | Stunning Agni Missiles of India in 2022

abdul kalam island

Agni-V is India’s nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). This article will dive into the development of Agni Missiles in India, particularly the Agni-V missiles. A brief timeline of Agni-V development along with a map showing the Abdul Kalam Island that houses the Missile Launch facilities of India.  Agni-V…

Rajmahal Hills with MAP 2022 [Download]

rajmahal hills

Rajmahal Hills situated in Jharkhand are among one of the oldest hills of India. This article will dive into various dimensions about Rajmahl Hills including the Geography of Rajmahal Hills, Location, Importance, Fossils in Rajmahal Hills and last not least the rampant mining…