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National park in Madhya Pradesh with Detailed Map [2022]

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Which state has highest forest area in India?

According to Indian state of forest report 2019 Madhya pradesh has the highest forest cover in india, at 25.14% of its geographical area(Geographical Area:3,08,252 ; Total Forest cover 77,482

How many national parks are in Madhya Pradesh?

According to ENVIS Centre on Wildlife & Protected Areas,Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Govt of India , There are total 10 national park in Madhya pradesh.

Which state has maximum number of National Park?

According to ENVIS Centre on Wildlife & Protected Areas,Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Govt of India , Madhya pradesh has the highest number of national park in india, totalling at 10

Which is the largest national park in MP?

Kanha National Park with area of 940 km2

The area wise list of national park in madhya pradesh in descending order is as follow(Source: ENVIS Centre of Madhya Pradesh’s State of Environment)

National parks in Madhya Pradesh

S.NoName of Protected AreaArea in Sq. Km.
1Kanha National Park940
2Kuno National Park748
3Panna National Park543
4Satpura National Park524
5Sanjay National Park467
6Bandhavgarh National Park437
7Madhav National Park354
8Pench National Park293
9Van Vihar National Park4.45
10Fossils National Park0.27
National parks in Madhya Pradesh

Now lets have a look at national park in madhya pradesh, one by one

Kanha national park

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kanha national park

Kanha National Park

Major Species found

  • The State animal of Madhya Pradesh – Hard Ground Barasingha is found exclusively in Kanha Tiger Reserve
  • Major species found are hard ground Barasingha, Tiger, Leopard, Dhole, Bear, Gaur and Indian Python etc
  • The lush green forests of Kanha, composed majorly of Sal (Shorea Robusta) and other mixed forest trees

Kuno National Park

Kuno national park
Kuno national park
  • Kuno National Park has spread over an area of 748.76 sq. km
  • It is located in the Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. 
  • Kuno River, one of the major tributaries of Chambal River flows through the entire length bisecting the National Park division
  • Kuno park is known for the leopard, Jackal, Chinkara
  • Wildlife Institute of India and Wildlife Trust of India had shortlisted Palpur-Kuno park as habitats for Cheetahs and Asiatic lions. 
  • Cheetah which once roamed in the northern plains of India became extinct in India in 1948. 
  • Plans to reintroduce Cheetah in Kuno National Park from South Africa are underway. 
  • The Kuno has the potential to carry populations of all four of India’s big cats the tiger, the leopard, the Asiatic lion and also cheetah, all four of which have coexisted within the same habitats historically before they were exhausted thanks to overhunting and habitat destruction. 
  • Currently, the leopard and striped hyena are the only larger carnivores within the Kuno National Parkthe single lone tiger T-38 having returned to Ranthambore earlier this year (2021)

Panna national park

Panna national park
Panna National Park map

Panna National Park

  • located in Vindhya Hill in northern Madhya Pradesh
  • This land is full of plateaus and gorges.
  • Ken river flows through this terrain.
  • Panna national park is bounded in north by Teak forest and in east by teak-kardhai forest.
  • Vindhyas hill runs in North-East to South West Direction through panna national park.

Major Species Found

  • Tiger, leopard ,hyaena, wild dog , Sloth bear, White necked stork,chital and chowsingha,sambar the largest of Indian deers, Blue Bull and chinkara,5 species of Vultures
  • Dry and hot climate, combined with shallow Vindhyan soils has given rise to dry
  • Teak and dry mixed forest. The dominent vegetation is Dry Deciduous forest with tall grasses and thorny woodlands.

satpura national park

Satpura National park map
Satpura National park map

Satpura National park map

Major species found

  • Indian tiger, giant squirrel, Indian skimmer, leaf nosed bat, hornbill, the Madhya Pradesh’s state bird flycatcher (doodhraj)
  • It is located in the Pachmarhi plateau consisting of dense teak forest and sal forest.

Bandhavgarh national park

Bandhavgarh national park map
Bandhavgarh national park map

Bandhavgarh national park

  • It is located in the eastern Satpura hill ranges
  • The Bandhavgarh fort is located inside the Bandhavgarh National park.
  • Mythological the name Bandhavgarh means bandhav = brother and garh = fort. this fort was built and given to Lakshman by lord Ram to keep an eye on Sri Lanka.
  • Hills, valley, marshes and meadows form a diverse topography in Bandhavgarh national park.

Major species found.

  • The density of tigers in Bandhavgarh national park is one of the highest in india.
  • The park also has high population of leopards.
  • The tigress Sita, who was once featured in the famous National geographic magazine was also found in the Bandhavgarh national park
  • 34 species of mammals, 260 species of birds and 70 species of butterflies have been listed on Bandhavgarh national park.

Sanjay national park

Sanjay national park map
Sanjay national park map

Sanjay National park

  • Also known as Sanjay- Dubri National park
  • Mohan the world famous white tiger was found here. He was later bred to tigress Radha, and most of white tigers present across world now are their progeny only.
  • Sanjay national park was carved into two when Chhattisgarh came into existence in year 2000. The area which went to Chhattisgarh adminstration is now know as Guru Ghasidas National park.

Major species found.

  • Tigers along with hundreds of other species. 
  • The sal forest forms a corridor between Bandhavgarh and Palamu tiger reserve and animals such as elephants use this corridor for their movement from one park to the other.

Madhav national park

Madhav national park map
Madhav national park map

Madhav national park

Major species found

  • Nilgai, chinkara, Chowsingha, Sambhar, cheetal, Barking deer
  • Leopards, jackal, wild dogs, wild pigs, wolfs, Marsh crocodiles, turtles, etc.
  • Tropical dry deciduous mixed forest and dry thorn forest. Kardhai tree is most abundant species found.

Pench national park

Pench national park map
Pench national park map

Pench National park

  • The pench National park finds its mention in famous natural history books such as Ain-i-Akbari
  • The Rudyard Kipling’s famous Jungle Book is based on the Pench National park and its surrounding areas.

Major species found

  • Three type of forest is found in Pench National park.
  • Tropical wet deciduous forest
  • Tropical dry deciduous teak forest
  • Tropical dry deciduous mixed forest.
  • Teak, mahua, palash, plum, tendu, moyan, sajja etc.
  • Tiger, leopard, jackal, fox, wolf, Gaur, nilgai, Sambhar, chital, chinkara, wild dogs, 
  • Various migratory birds also found there shelter in Pench National park such as Pintail, ruddy shelduck, whistling teal etc.

Van vihar national park

vanvihar national park map
vanvihar national park map
  • Located in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal
  • Developed and managed by modern zoological park, following guidelines of Central zoo authority.
  • Van vihar National park has a road passing through it, which allows easy passage to the visitors.

Fossils national park

fossil national park map
fossil national park map
  • This National park is famous for its Fossils remains.
  • Plants in fossil form dated to 40-150 millions years ago exist in the park.
  • Situated in Mandla district of MP.

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