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How important is the Indian Space Association? 2022.

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The Indian Space Association is a key part of India’s space economy. It was estimated that India’s “space economy” would be worth 36,794 crores in 2020-21. The Centre for Development Studies and the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology came up with this figure together.

India’s Space Sector

  • The findings detailed the annual budget for the space programme and its constituents, which included space manufacturing, operations, and application. It discovered that space applications accounted for 73.57 per cent (27,061 crores) of this evolving economy in 2020-21, followed by space operations (8,218.82 crores or 22.31 per cent) and manufacturing (1,515.59 crores or 4.12 per cent).
  • In the last two years, it appears that the budget for space-related activities has decreased, resulting in a reduction in the size of the economy. It fell from Rs 43,397 crore in 2018-19 to Rs 39,802 crore in 2019-20 and Rs 36,794 crore in 2020-21.
  • Furthermore, India’s space economy has evolved significantly and now accounts for approximately 0.23 per cent of the country’s GDP on average.
  • However, the space budget as a percentage of GDP fell from 0.09 per cent in 2000-01 to 0.05 per cent in 2011-12 and has remained roughly constant since then.
  • India spends more than China, Germany, Italy, and Japan but less than the United States and Russia.

India’s Initiatives to improve Space Technology:

The government has set up the following institutions and initiatives to create a level playing field for private firms to utilise Indian Space Infrastructure:

  1. New Space India Ltd. – (2019).
  2. Spacecom Policy – (2020).
  3. IN-SPACe – (2020).
  4. The Indian Space Association.
Indian Space Association ISRO
Indian Space Association ISRO

Spacecom Policy GOI of 2020.

Under the Spacecom Policy, the Indian government will do the following:

  • take steps to monitor and authorise the use of space assets for communication to or from Indian territory
  • Safeguard the protection of existing space assets and take steps to bring new space assets under administrative control in order to improve the ability to use space-based communication for national requirements.
  • encourage expanded participation of the commercial Indian sector in providing space-based communications both within and outside the country
  • Concentrate on the development of space-based communication technologies to solve requirements that commercial Indian industry cannot effectively, economically, or reliably meet due to national security concerns or economic constraints.
  • offer a fast and responsive regulatory framework in which the commercial Indian industry can construct and operate space-based communication networks

ISRO History

  • Space-related activities in India were started with the setting up of the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) in 1962.
  • However, The Indian space programme began in November 1969 with the establishment of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • India created the Space Commission and established the Department of Space (DOS) in June 1972 and brought ISRO under the Department of Space in September 1972.
  • Department of Space performs the responsibility of promoting the development of space science, technology and applications towards achieving self-reliance and assisting in the all-around development of India.

Now let’s look at the new agencies in Indian Space Industry one by one;

Indian Space Association

  • The Indian Space Association (ISpA) was formally launched by Prime Minister Of India on 11th October 2021.
  • Indian Space Association is an industry body that represents various stakeholders in the Indian space Industry. 
  • ISpA is represented by leading Indian and global corporations which have advanced capabilities in space and satellite technologies. 
  • ISpA plans to work in very close coordination with IN-SPACe to further the space vision of the Government of India

Composition of Indian Space Association

  • Its founding members include 
    • Bharti Airtel, 
    • Larson & Toubro, 
    • Nelco (Tata Group), 
    • OneWeb, 
    • Mapmyindia, 
    • Walchandnagar Industries
    • Alpha Design Technologies. 
  • Other core members include 
    • Godrej, Hughes India, BEL, Centum Electronics, Maxar India, Ananth Technology Limited, Azista-BST Aerospace Private Limited. 

Functions of Indian Space Association

  • The Indian Space Association will engage with stakeholders across the Space domain ecosystem for the formulation of an enabling policy framework that fulfils the Government of India vision.
  • ISpA will also work towards making global linkages for the Indian space industry which will help to bring in critical technology and investments into India and will create more high skill jobs.
  • ISpA also plans to work in very close coordination with IN-SPACe to further the space vision of the Government.

Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe)

The government of India has launched in the year 2020 the Indian Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) to promote private investment and innovation in the Indian space industry.

IN-SPACe Mandate

IN-SPACe facilitates and support the Private Sector in these ways:

  1. Provide technical support
  2. Share cash-intensive facilities with Private Industry
  1. Allow establishing temporary facilities in Department of Space premises
  2. Allow Private players to bid for requirements coming from New Space India Limited (NSIL)
  3. Partner with them in science and space exploration missions

IN-SPACe is the Institutional and Regulatory mechanism established by the Government of India to facilitate greater private participation. Financial provisions are not covered under this mechanism.

Private players can participate in the following spheres:

  1. Building satellites
  2. Building launch vehicles
  3. Carry out launches
  4. Develop Applications & provide space-based services
  5. Develop subsystem and systems for space sector activities

New Space India Limited

  • NSIL Enables Indian Space Industry to scale up to high-technology manufacturing base for space programme by technology transfer mechanisms and so that it can cater to emerging global commercial small satellite launch service market
  • Enable Indian Space industry to provide satellite services for various domestic and international application needs 
  • NSIL enables space technology spin-offs for the betterment of mankind through industry interface.
  • NSIL differs from ISRO’s other commercial arm Antrix:
    • Antrix is ISRO’s commercial arm which deals with satellites and launches vehicles for foreign customers.
    • NSIL works for capacity building of the local Space industry for space manufacturing.

NSIL Mandate

  • NSIL Owns satellites for Earth Observation and Communication applications and then it provides space-based services.
  • NSIL Builds satellites and launches them as per demand.
  • NSIL also Provides Launch Services for satellites belonging to customers.
  • NSIL builds launch vehicles and empowers the Indian Space Industry by Technology Transfer.

Download ISRO Organisational Structure

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