israel palestine conflict

The never-ending: Israel Palestine conflict in 2022

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Israel Palestine conflict 2022

The longstanding Israel Palestine conflict has been one of the most intractable and complex disputes in recent history. The two sides have been locked in a bitter struggle over land and resources for decades, with no end in sight. The international community has attempted to broker a peace deal on numerous occasions, but so far, all efforts have failed. The situation on the ground is extremely volatile, and even minor incidents can quickly escalate into full-blown violence.

Recent violence between Israel and Palestine 2022

Recently in Aug 2022, Israeli and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip exchanged fire in the worst incidence of cross-border shooting since an 11-day confrontation between Israel and Hamas in 2021.

They agreed on a ceasefire in an attempt to halt almost three days of bloodshed that killed dozens of Palestinians and impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

Six-Day War

On June 5, 1967, Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt after Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser had massed his troops along the Israeli border and blockaded the Straits of Tiran, a vital waterway for Israeli shipping. In just six days, Israel completely routed the Arab forces, capturing Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria.

The Six-Day War was a watershed moment in Israeli history. It tripled the size of the country overnight and made Israel a regional superpower. The war also cemented Israel’s status as an occupying power, with all the attendant problems that come with that role. Fifty years later, those problems are still very much with us.

At the conclusion of the Six-Day War, Israel seized

  1. Golan Heights from Syria.
  2. West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan.
  3. The Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip from Egypt.
israel palestine conflict
israel palestine conflict

As a result of the 1967 war, Israel gained control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, two regions that are home to a substantial number of Palestinians. After the 1967 war, Gaza and the West Bank are collectively known as “Occupied Territories.”

Gaza strip

The Gaza Strip is a small Palestinian territory located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Egypt to the south and Israel to the east and north. With a population of over 2 million people, the Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli occupation since 1967 when Israel seized control of the territory during the Six-Day War. Since then, Israel has maintained a strict blockade of Gaza, preventing Palestinians from travelling freely in and out of the territory. In recent years, conditions in Gaza have deteriorated sharply due to an ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant groups.

In 2014, Israel launched a military operation against Gaza in response to rocket attacks from Palestinian militants. The conflict resulted in the death of over 2,000 Palestinians, many of them civilians.

  • Gaza is a Palestinian enclave on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • About three-quarters of Palestine’s Arab residents were displaced and, in some instances, expelled as a consequence of Israel’s establishment in 1948, giving birth to the Gaza Strip.
  • It shares a 51-kilometre border with Israel and an 11-kilometre border with Egypt, respectively, to its southwest, east, and south. The Palestinian Authority asserts control over both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Reason for recent violence between Israel and Palestine

  • Recent acts of violence are the result of Islamic Jihad’s intensified terrorist operations against Israel. Islamic Jihad (IJ) is the smaller of the two major Palestinian terrorist organisations in the Gaza Strip, with Hamas being the other.
  • The Islamic Jihad is vastly outnumbered by the Hamas organisation, which has ruled the region since 2007. However, IJ gets direct financial and military assistance from Iran, which has made it the primary proponent of missile launches and other kinds of hostility against Israel.

Islamic Jihad

  • Islamic Jihad (IJ) is one of the two primary Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, the other being Hamas.
  • The organisation was founded in 1981 in order to establish an Islamic Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza, and all of what is today Israel.
  • The State Department of the United States, the European Union, and other nations have labelled it a terrorist organisation. Like Hamas, Islamic Jihad is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.
  • Hamas, which took over the administration of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority in 2007 and is responsible for overseeing Gaza’s day-to-day activities, regularly confronts limitations on its capacity to act against Israel.
  • Islamic Jihad, which has emerged as the more aggressive group and periodically even threatens Hamas’ rule, is exempt from such obligations.

What is the Israel Palestine conflict

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict, which began in the middle of the 20th century, is one of the longest-lasting conflicts in the world. Numerous efforts have been made to address the problem as part of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, along with other measures to tackle the greater Arab-Israeli issue.

  • The conflict is related to the longstanding territorial and identity dispute that originated in Jerusalem, Palestine.
  • In 1948, after the withdrawal of the British administration, Jews announced the formation of the state of Israel. Even when Palestinians complained, Jews persisted, sparking a conflict.
  • Additionally, Israeli soldiers fought and defeated the local Arabs. As a consequence, many Palestinians were compelled to abandon their homes.
  • After everything was said and done, Israel secured total control over the area.
  • Following this, Jordan and Israel went to war, and Jordan gained control of the West Bank while Egypt seized Gaza.
  • Jerusalem was divided. Jerusalem was divided between Israel to the west and Jordan to the east. As each side continued to throw the blame at the other, the fighting continued, and more fights broke out in the area despite the absence of a formal peace accord.
  • In 1967, Israeli troops captured East Jerusalem, the West Bank, sections of the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza, and the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.
israel and palestine map
israel and palestine map

What does Palestine want?

They want Israel to withdraw to its pre-1967 boundaries and create a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Before initiating peace discussions, Israel should cease all settlement growth.

Palestine wants 1948 Palestinian refugees who were displaced from their homes to be permitted to return. Palestine seeks to make East Jerusalem the capital of an independent Palestine state.

What does Israel want?

Israel wants sovereignty over Jerusalem. Israel is recognised as a Jewish state, and it is the only nation on the planet created for a religious community.

The current situation in 2022

  • Israel maintains sovereignty over the West Bank, and despite its departure from Gaza, the United Nations continues to classify this territory as occupied.
  • While Palestinians seek East Jerusalem as the eventual capital of a Palestinian state, Israel claims the whole city as its capital.

What is the present state of relations?

  • Relations between Israel and Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank are usually hostile.
  • Gaza is governed by Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organisation that has regularly fought Israel. Israel and Egypt carefully monitor Gaza’s borders to prevent Hamas from obtaining weapons.
  • According to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, Israeli policies and limitations make life tough. Israel asserts that its operations are exclusively defensive against Palestinian assault.
  • Since the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in mid-April 2021, nightly clashes between police and Palestinians have escalated.
  • The impending expulsion of particular Palestinian families from East Jerusalem has further stoked anger.
israel palestine world map
israel palestine world map

Israel Palestine two-state solution

The optimal answer is a “two-state solution” that establishes Palestine as an independent state in Gaza and the majority of the West Bank, leaving the remaining territory to Israel. In spite of the theoretical clarity of the two-state model, the two parties remain profoundly split on how to implement it in reality.

The option of a one-state solution (only Palestine or just Israel) is untenable.

In conclusion, the Israel and Palestine conflict is one of the most longstanding and complex in the world. With a long history of violence and mistrust between the two sides, it is unlikely that there will be a quick or easy resolution. However, it is important to continue to work towards a peaceful solution for the sake of all those who are affected by this conflict.

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