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Master Tapti river and its Tributaries [2022]

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Tapti river

  • Tapti River is one of the major rivers of peninsular India with a length of 724 km.
  • The Tapti River source of origin lies in Multai, in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The three major rivers which flow from east to west in peninsular India are the Narmada river, Mahi river & the Tapti river is also one among them.
  • The Tapti river has the second largest westward draining inter-state river basin.
  • It covers its maximum area in Maharashtra besides draining areas in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
  • It has a drainage area of 65145 Sq. Km. out of which nearly 80 percent is in Maharashtra.
  • Distribution of the drainage area of Tapti River- Statewise
  • Tapti covers its first 282 km in Madhya Pradesh, out of which 54 km is the common boundary between the State of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.
  • In Maharashtra, the Tapti river flows for 228 km before entering Gujarat. It Runs for a length of 214 km in Gujarat; the Tapti River merges into the Arabian Sea, through the Gulf of Cambay/Khambat after flowing past the Surat city.
  • The Tapti river also receives tidal influence for almost length of 25 km, upstream into the river from the mouth.

Tapti river Tributaries

tapti river
tapti river
  • The Tapti has several tributaries on both banks. There are majorly 14 tributaries of the Tapti having a length of more than 50 km.
  • Tapti’s left bank drainage system is more extensive as compared to the right bank area.
  • Four right bank tribuataries:
    • Vaki
    • Gomai
    • Arunavati
    • Aner
  • Ten left bank tributaries are
    • Nesu
    • Arunavati
    • Buray
    • Panjhra
    • Bori
    • Girna
    • Waghur
    • Purna
    • Mona
    • Sipna
River NameLength(Km)
Tapi river778
Purna river379
Girna river346
Bori river149
Panjhra river142
Aner river74
Arunavati river64
Gomai river58
Tapti river tributaries

Lets see major tributaries of Tapti in brief now

Purna River

  • Purna joins the Tapti from the left.
  • The total drainage area of the Purna river is 18,929 Sq.km.
  • The Purna is the principal tributary of the river Tapti.
  • Purna is the only river in the upper basin of Tapti, which has a perennial flow.
  • Rising in Gawilgarh hills, Purna flows in a south-westerly direction for about 60 km via the hilly forest area, whereafter it enters the plains of purna.
  • Then flowing generally in a westerly direction for about 274 Km, the Purna river joins the Tapti river to the northwest of Adilabad.

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Girna River

  • The river Girna derives its name from the Goddess Giraja (Parvati).
  • Girna river rises at Kem peak in the Western Ghats range of the Nashik District and flows easterly until Jamda and then turns north. Then it turns west at Nandra to join the Tapti river from the left near Nanded.
  • The Girna river flows for 260 km and has a drainage area of 10,061 sq. km., which is one-sixth of the total catchment area of the Tapti river.
  • Girna river basin geographically lies on the Deccan Plateau, and its valley has fertile soils, farmed intensively.

Bori River

  • The Bori river rises in the Malegaon sub-division in the north of Nasik district.
  • It flows first in the east direction and then in the north to join the Tapti river from the left to the east of Betavad.
  • The Bori river flows for 130 km and has a drainage area of 2,580 sq. km.

Panjhra River

  • The Panjhra river rises near the small town Pimpalner, from the crest of the Sahyadri hills.
  • A small reservoir named Latipada dam is constructed just after its origin.
  • Panjhra river flows east for 99 km, then takes a turn to the north and joins the Tapti from the left to the south of Thalner.
  • The Panjhra river flows for 138 km and drains an area of 3,257 sq. km.

Aner River

  • The Aner river is the longest right bank tributary of the Tapti river.
  • Aner river originates from the southern slope of the Satpura hills.
  • It flows in a south-westerly direction for 74 km. to join the Tapti from the right to the south of Hol.
  • The Aner River drainage area is 1,702 sq. km.

Arunavati River

  • The Arunavati river rises in Satpura hills towards its southern slope.
  • Arunavati river flows in the southwest direction for 64 km to join the Tapti from the left to the east of village Virdel.
  • Its drainage area is 935 sq. km.

Gomai River

  • The Gomai river also rises Satpura hills towards its southern slopes.
  • It flows in a southwest direction for 58 km to join the Tapti from the right near to the village Prakasha.
  • Gomai river drains a total area of 1,148 sq. km.

Vaghur River

  • The Vaghur river rises from the Ajanta hills, then flows in the north for approx. 96 km to join the river Tapti on the left.
  • The river Vaghur drains an area of 2,592 sq. Km.

Buray River

  • The Buray river rises in the Satmala hills.
  • It flows in generally east direction for 64 km. and turns north-east and flows for another 23 km. to join the Tapti river from the left to the north-east of Sindhkheda.
  • The Buray river has a drainage area of 1,419 sq. km.

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Tapti river rises in which mountains?

Gawilgarh Hills in Madhya Pradesh

Tapti river flows through which states?

Tapti river flows through three states Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujrat.

Where does Purna River originate?

Purna river originates in Gawilgarh hills in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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