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Detailed RED SEA Countries Map [2022]

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Red sea and Red Sea Countries.

Red sea

  • Red sea extends from Bab el-Mandeb Strait to Gulf of Suez,
  • length 1930 km approx.
  • Red sea is actually a part of the Great Rift Valley of Africa
  • North of REDSEA- Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Suez (leading to the Suez Canal), Sinai Peninsula.
  • South of REDSEA- Bab el Mandeb strait, Gulf of Aden.
  • it is one of the most heavily travelled waterways on the globe, carrying maritime traffic between Europe and Asia.

Why Redsea is called Redsea?

  • Normally, the Red Sea is an intense blue-green
  • However, it is populated by extensive blooms of the algae Trichodesmium erythraeum occasionally, which, upon dying off, turn the sea a reddish brown colour, which gives it the name Redsea.

The six countries bordering the Red Sea are

  • Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Eritrea
  • Djibouti

Suez Canal has been in the news for the EVERGIVEN ship blockade in the 2021, which also makes Red Sea an important topic for Exam.

Important Locations on Map

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