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Detailed Krishna river map in 2022

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Krishna river | Krishna River Map

  • The river Krishna finds its mention in Puranas as river Krsnavena, and river Kanhaperna in the Jatakas stories.
  • Krishna river is the 2nd largest river of peninsular India,1st being Godavari river.
  • River Krishna originates in the Western ghats at the Jor village of Maharashtra near Mahabaleshwar about 64 km from the Arabian Sea.
  • It crosses entire peninsular width starting from western ghats and merging into Bay of Bengal.
  • Total length= 1400 km
  • Krishna river starts from Maharashtra then flowing through Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh it merges into Bay of Bengal.
  • Krishna river basin is extensively used for agricultural purposes, almost 75% of its basin is agricultural land.
  • Before merging into Bay of Bengal Krishna river forms a large delta which has now extended upto 35 km into the Bay of Bengal.
  • The delta of river Krishna appears to be merging with that of river Godavari.

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Krishna river tributaries

The created map above has covered almost all tributaries of river Krishna. As their are various large and small tributaries of the river Krishna, this article will only deal with major tributaries of river Krishna which are also important from UPSC exams perspective.

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Left bank tributaries

Three left bank tributaries will be discussed in this article

  1. Bhima
  2. Musi
  3. Munneru

Bhima river

bhima river
bhima river
  • Bhima river is also known as ChandraBhaga river.
  • Bhima is the longest (largest is tungbhadra) tributary of the river Krishna.
  • It originates at Bhimashankar hills in Pune district of Maharashtra.
  • Bhima river flows for a length of 861 km through the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana, and then merges into river Krishna at Raichur in Karnataka.
  • Bhima river have many tributaries such as Ghod, Sina, Awarja, Kagna, Nira, Mon etc.

Musi river

musi river
musi river
  • Musi river originates at Ananthgiri hills and flows entirely in the State of Telangana before merging into Krishna river.
  • Hyderabad is located on the banks of Musi river.
  • Musi river joins river Krishna in Nalgonda district, Telangana.

Munneru river

munneru river
munneru river
  • Munneru river is the last left bank tributary of river Krishna.
  • Originates in warangal district Telangana and merge into Krishna river.

Right Bank tributaries

Three right bank tributaries will be discussed in this article

  1. Ghatprabha
  2. Malprabha
  3. Tungbhadra
ghatprabha river
ghatprabha river

Ghatprabha river

  • Originates in Western ghats, and joins Krishna river at Chikksangam in the State of Karnataka.
  • Gokuk falls in Belgaum Karnataka, is on Ghatprabha river.

Malprabha river

  • Malprabha river originates at Kanakumbi in the Karnataka’s Belgaum district.
  • The Bennihala and Hirehala are the two main tributaries of Malprabha river.
  • The catchment area of Malprabha river lies totally in the State of Karnataka.
  • The Malprabha river flows through Dharwad district and  joins Krishna river at kudal sangam in Bagalkot district of Karnataka.

Tungabhadra river

  • Tungbhadra is largest tributary of the river Krishna.
  • It is formed by the confluence of river Tunga and river Bhadra.
  • The river Tunga and Bhadra originates at Gangamula in Chikmagalur district in Karnataka near the origin of Nethravati river which flows into Arabian sea.
  • The famous Hampi site (UNESCO World Heritage site) lies on the bank of river Tungbhadra.
  • The famous Virupaksha temple also is on the banks of river Tungbhadra.
  • The tributaries of river Tungbhadra are:
  • Left bank: Tunga, Varada.
  • Right bank: Bhadra, Vedavati, Hindri.
  • Finally Tungbhadra merges into river Krishna in Andhra pradesh.

This is a gist about krishna river map.

Want to learn more about Krishna river checkout official GOI website here.

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